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bringing the gold standard of credit risk assessment to collections

Scorecards are notorious for being in the too-hard basket

  • Too expensive

  • Scoring Engine requirements

  • Too hard to implement and monitor

  • Long projects and lead times

At Scores4All, we’ve felt your pain and built a solution.


With Scores4All’s expert models and cutting-edge Machine Learning and AI-powered solutions, you can implement scorecards quickly and seamlessly.

  • Available from Day 1

  • No need for a scoring engine

  • We monitor your models for you

  • We won’t charge you an arm or a leg!

About Us

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to build a better life for themselves.

We believe that all financial services organisations should have the ability to leverage the power of analytics and data science, and not be excluded from global best practices due to resource constraints.


Our mission is to democratise data science and help organisations drive financial inclusion.

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